Buying a Home Vocabulary Fill In the Blanks

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  • breach of contract
  • apartment complex
  • co-signer
  • 2-story
  • ghetto
  • realtor
  • starter home
  • ritzy area
  • curb appeal
  • floor plans
  • credit approval
  • break the lease
  • asking price

My wife and I recently got married and we are looking to buy a home. Since we are starting off in our careers we don’t have a lot of money. This home will be our and in a few years we will get a bigger house.

Our first task is to get a . This person will help us find the house we are looking for. We obviously can’t afford to live in the of town, but we don’t want to live in the. That would be dangerous. When we get the real estate agent that we need we will explain this to her. When our friends come over to visit as they pull up to the front I want them to see what a nice house we have. So I would like a house with some . We want a house so that when we have kids the baby can sleep upstairs. We will have to look at the different that the real estate agent can show us.

Like I mentioned before, we don’t make a lot of money. In fact we make so little that my father in law will have to be our . He agreed to do this since he makes a lot of money and he trusts us. With his help we should get the that we need to get the house. Being that he is rich, there will no problems in terms of credit.

Right now we are living in a . We have a one year lease. We are only seven months into the lease, so we will have to . Since this is a ,there will be a fine to pay. That’s OK though. We are willing to pay some extra money to get started on being home owners. Even without having contacted a real estate agent yet we have seen one house that we really like. The is just in our price range. We’ll see what happens. I hope everything goes well!

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