Internet Vocabulary Fill in the Blanks

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  • surfing the web
  • chat rooms
  • internet predator
  • blocked site
  • virus
  • hacker
  • downloaded
  • smut sites

There is nothing more frustrating than a . When I want to see a particular website I hate when the program tells me I can't. It's not like I look at . Unfortunately, my employer Bob, is very strict about what his employees can use the internet for.

A few years ago Bob's daughter was harassed by an . This guy somehow had access to the information of kids whogames for little girls.  He would also go into and find victims there too.

After an investigation it turned out that the guy was a . He would spend his days  in hopes of finding kids.  I'm glad they got him, but I wish I could use the internet at work!  My boss says that he is also worried about getting a on the computers. Some day I'll have to become the boss so I can make the rules.  Until then I'll have to follow the rules.

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