Internet Vocabulary Listening Activity

Listen to the audio passage and answer the questions below. Tab between answers. The definitions of the words used in the audio are found at: Internet Expressions and Vocabulary Other practice worksheets are found at the bottom of the page.

  1. Don't use capitalization (no caps [e.g. ABC]).
  2. choose the correct letter and write in the space provided
  3. Press "tab" between answers

  1. What did Ron hold off on? a) getting a computer b)getting online c) buying a printer d) selling a computer
  2. What kind of internet service did Rod get? a) high speed b) dial up c) work access d) he didn't get internet access
  3. Who are you more protected against when using a slow internet connection? a) predators b) the IRS c) spam d) hackers
  4. What did Ron find online that will help him meet other people that are into hot rod cars? a) spam b) internet predators c) chat room d) nothing
  5. What has Ron recieved in his e mail account? a) money b) spam c) internet predators d) chat rooms
  6. Ron is happy to be part of the a) spam companies b) online world c) viruses d) dial up service plan
  7. What does Ron need to avoid to have a good experience online? a) computer viruses b) high speed internet c) computers d) chat rooms
  8. How does the person talking feel about Ron? a) sad b) angry c) happy d) annoyed
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