Job Interview Matching Worksheet

Answer Bank
Press "Tab" between answers
  • A. Thank You Letter
  • B. Want Ads
  • C. On the Job Experience
  • D. Cold Call
  • E. Cover Letter
  • F. Networking
  • G. Career Fair
  • H. Resume
  • I. Overqualified
  • J. References

  1. This explains to the employer why you want the job and why you are qualified for it:
  2. If you have too much experience you are:
  3. This is a place where employers will go to find new employees:
  4. The process of communicating with people in the field you want to work in is:
  5. You send this to the person who interviewed you:
  6. Previous bosses and co workers can be your:
  7. To make a call to an employer that you don't know, and you've had no previous contact with. is a:
  8. If you have used certain skills in a previous job you have:
  9. This is a place to find out about job openings:
  10. This is a doucment that lists all of your experience: .

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