Script for Job Interview Conversation

Finding a job when you are studying English as a second language may seem intimidating. However Drew's ESL Fluency Lessons has created a job interview script to help prepare you for using language basics in real-life scenarios when you are looking for a job. The following terms are among the most commonly-used expressions you might hear during, or while preparing for, a job interview:

Company Owner: Hello Mr. Smith. I assume you are here about the job opening. Did you bring your resume?

Applicant: Yes sir. I did bring it and I can leave a copy with you. You will see that I have a lot of on the job experience selling software. I have over ten years of experience in this field and I think you will like what my references have to say about me.

Company Owner: Well, you sure seem to have a lot of confidence. I like that in a prospective employee. Why did you leave your last job?

Applicant: That’s a good question and I’d be happy to answer it. I decided to leave the last company I worked for because there was no room for growth. Last year I was passed over for a promotion to sales manager. The boss’s son-in-law got the job. Everyone knew I was the better fit for the job.

Company Owner: The position we are looking to fill is a sales position similar to the one you just left. Do you feel you are overqualified for this job?

Applicant: No sir. I did my research and your company is larger than my previous employer. Your annual sales are three times that of my old company.

Company Owner: Yes. We have increased business significantly in the last three years. Are you OK with cold calls? We do sometimes ask our sales people to do this on occasion.

Applicant: Yes. I will do anything it takes to get a sale. I am not above cold calls by any means.

Company Owner: Great. If you don’t mind me asking, how did you hear about this position?

Applicant: I went to a career fair last week in the civic center downtown. A little networking is always a good idea. I met one of your employees from HR there. That’s where I got the lead on this job.

Company Owner: I think you would be a huge asset to this company. I’d like to offer you the position. What do you think?

Applicant: That’s great sir. I will accept. You won’t be sorry. I’ll be setting sales records in this company in my first year!

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