Lawyer and Law Vocabulary Fill in the Blanks

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  • working vacation
  • tourist trap
  • gateway city
  • timeshare
  • spring break
  • travel agent
  • layovers
  • off the beaten path
  • cashier
  • ecotourism

Last year I got called for jury duty. I had to be a juror on a murder case. An elderly man supposedly shot and killed his neighbor. It was a strange case.

The first day of the case we got to see the . Like I mentioned, he was an older male who didn't look much like a murderer. He sat there quietly and let his do all of the talking. On the other side of the room sat the who was an angry looking woman dressed in a power suit. She informed us right away how serious the crime was that this many was accused of, like we didn't know. She said that the crime was a . I think all of us jurors could have deduced that on our own. Everyone knows that a major crime would never be considered a misdemeanor. Anyway, the trial got going and we soon learned that the defendant claimed to have been in another town during the time of the murder. He didn't have an , so nobody could back this up. At first I wasn't sure if I believed this poor old guy or not. He was hard to read.

We learned that upon being accused of murder the defendant was offered a . He did not accept this because he refused to admit guilt and sit in jail. A couple of weeks into the trial we got to hear the of an interesting character who was very familiar with the whole situation. He testified that the defendant didn't kill his neighbor, but he did hire another person to do it. There was a of this witness by the other lawyer and it proved to be very revealing. We learned that there was a recording of a conversation between the defendant and a local criminal. In this conversation the defendant clearly asked for this man to kill his neighbor. There wasn't much need for the trial to continue after this. The judge decided to the defendant to life behind bars.

I never found out why the old guy wanted to kill his neighbor. Once he admitted to guilt it was over. Some people really just loose their minds sometimes.

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