Matching for Lawyer Vocabulary

Answer Bank
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  • A.cross examination
  • B. subpoena
  • C. ambulance chaser
  • D. misdemeanor
  • E. prosecutor
  • F. retain a lawyer
  • G. alibi
  • H. sentence
  • I. plea bargain
  • J. attorney

  1. A crime that is not extremely serious in nature:
  2. Another word for "lawyer":
  3. A situation where the opposing lawyer asks the witness questions:
  4. To hand out a punishment for a crime:
  5. When the court contacts a person and requires him to appear in court:
  6. When you choose to use a lawyer to represent you it is called:
  7. In this situation the defendant admits to guilt:
  8. This describes a lawyer who aggressively seeks to make money from another's pain and suffering:
  9. The lawyer who works to find the defendant guilty:
  10. To have proof that you were somewhere else at a specific time is an: .

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