Learning and Studying Terms Exercise II

Fill in the blanks with the correct word from below.

Answer Bank
(Press Tab between answers)
  • get the hang of
  • skim
  • beyond
  • ingrained
  • heads
  • brush up
  • sink in
  • knack
  • crack
  • foggiest idea
  1. Study skills were in me from an early age. Both my parents were teachers.
  2. I really need to the books tonight. There are a few tests coming up next week.
  3. David is finally starting to the new copier at work. It gave him trouble for a while.
  4. Just stay with the class. The material will eventually if you stay with it.
  5. We are going to have to on our French. We are going to France for three weeks next year.
  6. Before taking a test I usually over the major points of the chapter.
  7. It took me a while to get the of this new accounting software. It is not an easy program by any means.
  8. I fear that calculus may be me. No matter how much I study, I don't seem to get it.
  9. The lesson I taught on Monday was a little over my student's . There were a lot of confused looks.
  10. Sara doesn't have the of what you are talking about. Could you be more specific please?

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