Reading Passage for Learning and Studying Expressions

Fill in the blanks with the correct word.

Answer Bank
  • moving violation
  • ingrained
  • clueless
  • wade
  • beyond
  • crack
  • soak in
  • sink in
  • skim

When I was growing up I didn't have an easy time in high school. Many of my classes were difficult and, in my opinion, me. Luckily, I had good parents who in me an attitude of not giving up. If it hadn't been for them, I surely would have failed out.

My struggles in school were not due to a lack of effort. I was one to the books at the appropriate times. I didn't just over the assigned chapter in the textbook for a particular class. I would through the long chapters trying to learn anything possible. Unfortunately, this just made me more frustrated.

One day the principal at my school had a talk with me. He told me to relax and give it time for the material to . He said that not all students understood the concepts taught in class right away. Instead of becoming overwhelmed in class during the lecture, I was to sit back and what was being taught. For me, this was difficult. I was used to taking frantic notes while the teacher taught. A few weeks after this meeting with the principal I started to get the . I learned to relax in class and learn what I was ready to learn. His advice was a life saver for me. It made everything that had to do with school much easier.

Now that I am in college I still feel a bit in some classes. Instead of freaking out, I now relax and take my time. Learning to be patient with myself has helped me incredibly.

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