Script for Conversation with the Doctor

Doctor: Hello. I am Dr. Smith. I will be the physician taking care of you today. What seems to be the problem?

Patient: Hi Dr. Smith. I'm having trouble breathing, I'm dizzy and I'm running a fever.

Doctor:OK. How long have you been feeling this way?

Patient: I'd say for about three days now. I felt so bad last night that I came into the ER. I wish I hadn't because I have horrible insurance. My premiums are high and hardly anything is covered.

Doctor: I'm sorry to hear that. Are you part of an HMO or do you have private insurance?

Patient: I have private insurance. Anyway, is there anything you can do for me? I don't seem to be getting any better.

Doctor: Well, I'll have to check you out to be able to make a diagnosis. Let me listen to you breathe. Oh. This doesn't sound good. It is probably pneumonia. This is pretty serious. You are going to have to check in to the hospital tonight so we can observe you. Mrs. Darby, the nurse practitioner, is going to take care of you.

Patient: I thought it was serious. Honestly it has been a while now that I haven't felt so good.

Doctor: Do you get a regular checkup each year? You may have had this for months now.

Patient: No. I never go to the doctor. With this bad insurance I try not to come in. The last time I saw a doctor was two years ago when I sprained my ankle. I wasn't even going to come in then, but it was so swollen that my husband made me go.

Doctor: Well, I understand that medical care can be expensive nowadays. Be that as it may, when you are suffering from any kind of ailment, especially one this severe, it is worth the money.

Patient: Easy for you to say being a doctor who makes a lot of money.

Doctor: Ok. Well, that's just something to think about. Just wait here and the nurse practitioner will be in shortly.

Patient: OK. Thanks doctor.

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