Doctor's Office Fill in the Blanks

Answer Bank
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  • cramp
  • aches
  • nurse practitioner
  • check in
  • diagnosis
  • inpatient
  • HMO
  • sprained
  • running a fever
  • premiums

  1. The first thing I had to do when I got to the hospital was to .
  2. The doctor didn't need to see me. The took care of me.
  3. He fell and his ankle. It is not broken, but he will be on crutches for a while.
  4. Let me feel your head. It feels warm. I think you are . You better rest a bit.
  5. How much do you pay a month in I pay way too much!
  6. The doctor came in and gave us the . It was what I had suspected. I had an ulcer.
  7. The runner had to stop because he had a bad in his leg.
  8. Since I will be an , for my surgery the hospital will be giving me breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  9. I love this new I am on. They cover everything.
  10. My tooth really . The pain won't go away.

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