Script for English Listening Activity Using Prepositions

My office is a very messy place. The boss thinks I'm a slob and tries to stay far away from my workspace. He says it stresses him out.

Let me describe my office to you. On the left hand side of my desk I have my computer. The computer sits on top of a few books that I don't have room for anywhere else. The rest of the desk is covered with papers, folders, newspapers and five coffee cups. Underneath my desk I keep my coffee maker and a bag of pretzels in case I get hungry. The drawers of the desk are all completely full of junk that I really should throw away.

Across from my desk, on the other side of the office, I have a couch and an end table. The couch is really close to the door and far from my desk. This makes it hard to talk with clients when they come in to meet with me. In front of the couch I have a coffee table that is covered with my training manuals and random books. Among the manuals and the books there are crumbs and pieces of old food. Most days I eat lunch there and I've never had time to clean it up. Behind the door of my office I keep my mountain bike and some extra clothes. On the ground to the right of my desk sit about six computers that the office was going to throw away. Someday I will take a look at them and see if I can't fix them and make them usable.

It is obvious that I need to clean up. Finding time to do so will be a challenge. What does your office look like?

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