Script for English Listening Activity for Present Tense

My name is Ronald and I have a lot of interests. My family tells me to settle down and find a wife, but I am much too busy with my hobbies and activities.

Every weekend I like to ride my bike all over town. Usually I ride with a few friends of mine. We put on all of our cycling gear and we look like professionals. Most Saturdays we go for about twenty five miles. At the end of our ride we always hit the burger joint on Oak Ave near my house. We go there so much that the old lady in the kitchen comes out to say hi.

Sundays I have a routine too. In the morning I go to church and then teach a Sunday school class after. I then head home and put on my swim trunks. There is a lake near my house. I swim for about two hours and then head home. Sunday nights I have a poker game with three of my work friends. We have a blast each time we play.

Weeknights after work I am just as busy as I am on the weekend. I belong to several book clubs and I volunteer at an animal shelter just outside of town. I like to stay busy and I don’t see myself changing any time soon. My family needs to just let me live my life. I’m sure that someday they will.

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