Script for Past Tense Listening Passage

My best memories as a kid growing up were from the annual July beach vacation trip. Life never seemed better than being out of school and playing on the beach all day.

My dad would take the first two weeks of July off from work and we would head up to a beach house we rented. We rented the same house every year. It was at a small beach town called Sandy Point. Each morning my two brothers and I would run downstairs, grab our fishing poles and head off to the pier to see what we could catch. My brother Donnie had the best luck in catching fish. I would get really jealous on the days when he caught two or three fish and I only caught one. If any of us got lucky that morning we’d bring the fish home and mom would throw it in the fridge. Dinner that night would be fresh flounder or snapfish.

During the afternoon we played in the water or played beach volleyball with the other kids on vacation. My parents usually sat around on their beach chairs and read novels. None of us used to wear sun block so by the end of the two weeks we were all as red as a lobster. I don’t think parents let their kids burn in the sun like that anymore, but we didn’t know any better.

The trips home from those vacations were always long and sad. Nobody ever wanted to go home. Now that I have three kids of my own I think I will start that tradition up again. I hope we have just as much fun as we did in the past!

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