Money Vocabulary Fill in the Blanks

Answer Bank
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  • to save it for a rainy day
  • strapped for cash
  • spot me some money
  • tightwad
  • to go broke
  • cash cow
  • filthy rich
  • cost an arm and a leg
  • bucks
  • to be loaded

  1. I really like this new business I have. It makes me a lot of money. It is a .
  2. She doesn't want . Therefore she is careful with her money.
  3. Professional athletes in this country are . They have way too much money.
  4. My uncle is a . He won't even pay for my cousin's dinner if they go out.
  5. You can buy that new BMW, but it will . They aren't cheap!
  6. Couls you ? I am broke and I really want a taco.
  7. A new Rolex watch will cost you $5000 or more.
  8. I can't lend you money this month.  I don't have any.  I'm .
  9. You have to be able to afford a vacation in Italy. It costs a lot!
  10. Save some of that money you just received. The smart thing to do is .

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