Money Vocabulary Fill in the Blanks

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  • bucks
  • cash cow
  • filthy rich
  • spendthrift
  • down the toilet
  • strapped for cash
  • tightwad
  • save it for a rainy day

My mother tells me not to be a , but I don't pay much attention. In my mind I know that money will always come to me. It seems to follow me wherever I go. When my mom sees the things I buy she says that I am throwing money . She doesn't understand that more can always be made.

When I was growing up we had an uncle who was . He could buy anything he wanted and it seemed like he had an endless supply hidden somewhere. Our family's situation was the opposite. We were always . When it came time to pay the bills there was rarely enough money. Observing my uncle and my own family, I wondered what he was doing differently. Did he have a business that was a ? Is this what kept him rich?

One day I went to visit my uncle to pick his brain about the reasons for his success. Right away he told me to not be a . "Be free with your money and spend it as you please." This is the advice I got. Of course, being from a poor family where money was tight, I didn't think this principal would work for me. Not wanting to make the trip a total waste, I asked him for a few . He gave me the money and sent me on my way. With the money in my hand, and not wanting to , I bought some candy and a magazine for my mom.

From that day on I decided to take my uncle's advice and to spend money without worries. So far it has worked out well for me. Thanks uncle Pete!

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