Script for Conversation Activity on Money Vocabulary

Son: Dad, can you lend me twenty five bucks? There’s a new video game I want to get. I just bought a new I pod, so I am currently strapped for cash.

Dad: Are you kidding me? Do you think I am loaded? I can’t just spot you cash here and there because you want a new game. I have real bills to pay like the mortgage and car loans. Your mom’s new car is costing me an arm and a leg.

Son: Don’t be such a tightwad dad. It’s just twenty five dollars.

Dad: If you want a new game go get a part time job somewhere. I’m not throwing money down the toilet on a dumb game that you will lose interest in tomorrow.

Son: When I’m older I’m going to buy my kids anything they want. I won’t be cheap like you.

Dad: Well, then you will probably go broke at some point in your life. Why don’t you go down to the park and sell some snow cones like you did last summer? That little business you had was a cash cow. You came home with a bunch of money every weekend.

Son: That’s a good idea. I forgot about that snow cone machine. It is going to be hot this week so I am going to be filthy rich.

Dad: That’s the spirit son. Just work hard and you will have that twenty five dollars in no time.

Son: OK dad. Thanks for the idea. I have my work cut out for me if I want to buy a lot of things this summer.

Dad: You bet son. Good luck.

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