Movie Vocabulary Fill in the Blanks

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  • blockbusters
  • movie trailers
  • blood and gore
  • B movies
  • Hollywood moguls
  • indie movies
  • Oscar winning actors
  • A listers
  • matinee
  • animated movie

Last year my friend John and I took a trip to Hollywood, CA for a vacation. John is studying film in college and he wanted to check out the city where it all happens. He had seen the filming sites for some , but never for a major Hollywood movie.

We checked into out cheap hotel outside of LA and we talked about our plans for the week.  My sister is an aspiring actress in town so she knows where tourists should go if they have limited time.  She said to first check out the homes of the major . These guys don’t act, but they make even more money than most , who are the best at what they do. Their homes are big mansions on the beach.  Obviously producing movies can be pretty lucrative too.  So we did take her advice and the first day we drove over to the exclusive neighborhoods.  That was fun for about an hour and then it became tedious.

The next day we decided to walk around Hollywood in hopes of randomly seeing a movie star or two.  We did see a few minor actors that we recognized from different, but we didn’t see any like Tom Cruise or Tom Hanks.  We had fun anyway just walking around and checking out the city.

The following afternoon one of my sister’s friends invited us to see a movie he had put out.  He warned us beforehand that there was a lot of violence.  It was a movie. It started at 3:00 PM so it was a . Before this guy’s movie started we saw a few for other low budget movies and then ours started.  It turned out to be an . The characters looked like Disney characters, but they definitely didn’t act that way.  As promised, there was a lot of blood and violence.  It just so happened that the characters were cartoons.  It was pretty bad and I think it is safe to say that my sister’s friend will not be making any in the near future.

Two days later we got back on the plane and left. It was a fun time. I don’t think I’d like to live there, but I would visit again in a heart beat.

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