Movies Fill in the Blanks

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  • trailer
  • blood and gore
  • sci fi
  • sequel
  • A lister
  • matinee
  • tear jerkers
  • all star cast
  • Oscar nominee
  • animated movies

  1. I sure wish they would make a to Twilight. It was a great movie.
  2. I'm glad there was not an in the cast. Sometimes it is good to see some no name actors shine.
  3. If you liked Star Trek and Star Wars then you are a fan.
  4. We can’t make the 7:30 PM show. We’ll have to go to the . We are free all day.
  5. Halloween and Friday the 13th are movies. Throughout both films many people die in a harsh and ugly fashion.
  6. Some people like to watch sad movies. They go to on purpose. I don’t understand it!
  7. St. Elmo’s Fire had an . At least five actors in the movie were already huge names in the movie industry.
  8. Will Smith was an in 2006 for his role in The Pursuit of Happiness, but he didn’t win.
  9. Before the movie started I saw a for a new Quentin Tarantino film. I want to see it.
  10. Kids love Movies like Aladdin and Kung Fu Panda do great in the box office.

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