Movies Vocabulary Listening Exercise

Listen to the audio passage and answer the questions below. The definitions of the words used in the audio are found at: Movie Expressions and Vocabulary Other practice worksheets are found at the bottom of the page.

  1. Don't use capitalization (no caps [e.g. ABC]).
  2. Don't use punctuation (e.g. . , : ; ).
  3. Press "Tab" between answers.

  1. What has the narrator always liked to do since he was a kid?
  2. What kinds of movies have drastically changed because of technology?
  3. Movies like the The Matrix make 80's classics like Star Wars look: ________.
  4. What do B movies have more of now compared to respected movies in the past?
  5. The narrator sees more animated movies now that he is older and __________.
  6. What kind of actors do producers hire for the voice on animated movies?
  7. With the advanced technology of today, ____________ are more graphic and scary for kids.
  8. According to the narrator, what can never be replaced?
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