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  • A. film festival
  • B. tear jerker
  • C. animated movie
  • D. chick flick
  • E. all star cast
  • F. movie trailer
  • G. Hollywood mogul
  • H. box office flop
  • I. sequel
  • J. block buster

  1. A movie that has many big name actors is said to have:
  2. A movie that comes out after a previous movie which continues with the story line of the original is a:
  3. A powerful person in the movie industry is a:
  4. A preview of an upcoming movie is called a:
  5. A gathering of people in the movie industry is a:
  6. A huge money making movie is called a:
  7. A movie that appeals to mostly women is a:
  8. A movie that is drawn in cartoon fashion is an:
  9. A movie that is very sad is a:
  10. A movie that does horribly in terms of sales is a: .

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