Script for Music Vocabulary Listening Activity

Hello. My name is David and I am a big music fan. I play the guitar, saxophone and the piano. When I was in my twenties I played in a few bands. These bands played mostly covers. We concentrated almost exclusively on classic rock and country western songs. A few times, in one of the bands I played with, we attempted a hardcore rap song. It was done mostly as a joke. We didn’t look the part and we butchered the songs.

I’ll have to say that the band I enjoyed playing with the most would be my band from high school. During my junior year three of my friends and I decided to form a band. This was in the late 80’s when glam rock and heavy metal were really big. Luckily we weren’t into that crap. We all shared a love of classic rock and acid rock too. Jimi Hendrix was our lead guitarist’s idol and the rest of us all had our favorite bands from that era that influenced us. I think it is safe to say that we weren’t that good. We never got any big gigs and we rarely got asked to play anywhere. I’d like to think that was because we didn’t fit the style of music that was popular at the time, but I would just be lying to myself. We sucked!

Despite our lack of stage presence and musical ability, we had fun. Once graduation came around we all went our separate ways. Each of us attended a college in another state. I made a few attempts to start a band during my freshman year, but nothing worked out. By now it was the early 90’s and grunge was replacing the hair bands that played that hideous glam rock. I liked it and I even learned to play a lot of the most popular grunge songs. Now that I am in my late 30’s, I don’t play my guitar as much. When I do I’ll usually play one of the old classic rock songs. Those are the only ones that still keep my interest.

When my kids get older I’ll get back into the music scene and show them how an old man can still rock. For now I’ll just let the younger people keep the live music scene alive.

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