Music Vocabulary Fill in the Blanks

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  • classic rock
  • easy listening
  • mosh pit
  • one hit wonders
  • acid rock
  • house band
  • teeny boppers
  • head banger
  • country western
  • super group

When I grew up in the late 1970’s and 1980’s there was a lot of music going on. Some of the huge musicians from the 60’s and 70’s had left their original bands and formed a . The Eagles were my favorite example of this situation. All of their members were proven stars. Now their music is considered . They still play together once in a while, but there best stuff was created back then. They played rock music with a influence. This brought rock fans and cowboys together to enjoy their music.

Today the Eagles music would be considered , since popular bands now play a lot faster and harder.  I think the average would laugh at how mellow an Eagles concert is.  Fans just sit or stand and enjoy the music.  There is no to go crazy in and to let off some steam.  If there is dancing it is very reserved.  I don’t think  would like the Eagles either. They prefer young artists who dance a lot and sing about their boyfriends or girlfriends.  They would consider it music of their parent’s generation.

Besides the Eagles, I liked a few other bands too.  There are a few who I liked.  I can’t remember their names and I doubt they are still playing music.  I would assume they had to get jobs outside of music once the money stopped rolling in.  Since the younger crowd doesn’t like the kind of music I like, I have to look for bars or clubs that play it.  Downtown there is one bar that has a great. They are all middle aged guys who grew up listening to the Eagles too.  They were kind of hippies in their day so they’ll play some. Mostly they stick to cover songs since that is what their fans want to hear.  I’m just happy that there are still places to hear my favorite style of music.  In ten years from now this may not be the case.

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