Music Vocabulary Fill in the Blanks

Answer Bank
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  • techno
  • country western
  • heavy metal
  • grunge
  • easy listening
  • mosh pit
  • house band
  • classic rock
  • teeny bopper
  • hard core rap

  1. In Seattle during the 1990’s music was born.
  2. A lot of teens like . Their parents don’t like it though. The topics that this music deals with are harsh and there is a lot of bad language used.
  3. Cowboys like to listen to .
  4. If you want to relax you’ll want to listen to the station on the radio.
  5. You need to be brave to dance in the .
  6. music makes my nervous. It is loud and fast and there are no lyrics to listen to.
  7. Those two guys are in the . They play here every night.
  8. My dad grew up in the 1960’s. He thinks it is funny that young people still like the music of his generation. I guess that is why it is called .
  9. If you like loud guitars and head bangers you will like this new band.
  10. My daughter in 7th grade would like that artist. He appeals to the crowd.

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