Matching for Music Words

Answer Bank
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  • A. teeny bopper music
  • B. acid rock
  • C. classic rock
  • D. house band
  • E. techno music
  • F. a rave
  • G. hard core rap
  • H. moshing
  • I. easy listening
  • J. country western music

  1. This is the music group that plays consistently at a certain music venue:
  2. Rock music from the 1960’s, that is still popular today, is called:
  3. Attending one of these you will hear loud music, see flashing lights and lots of drug use:
  4. Kids in junior high, particularly girls, love this type of music:
  5. This is a wild style of dancing that involves physical violence:
  6. Artists in this category of rock use and promote psychedelic drug use:
  7. This style of music is inoffensive and relaxing:
  8. This style of music is popular among the cowboy hat wearing crowd:
  9. You are likely to hear swearing and references to prostitution in this type of music:
  10. This music doesn’t have vocals and it is electronic: .

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