Police Vocabulary Fill in the Blanks

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  • warrant out
  • booked for
  • ex con
  • crack down on
  • has a record
  • got busted
  • take him downtown
  • throw the book

My Uncle Ron is a police officer. Every time I see him I ask about his job. He has some crazy stories. He works in a big city, so there is no shortage of crime. When I saw him over Christmas break he told me the holidays are busy, especially this year. The police chief decided to drunk driving. I guess during Christmas time many people go to parties and drink too much. Whatever the reason is the new policy has kept uncle Ron busy and full of new stories.

At our annual Christmas dinner Ron told me about a guy he pulled over the other night. He pulled over the car for driving erratically, and as he approached the vehicle, it was obvious that something was wrong with the driver. He was really nervous. Ron explained to me that anyone who is usually not too happy to get pulled over. They have usually had bad experiences with the law. It turns out that this guy was an . When Ron looked up his info in the patrol car computer system he learned that this individual for attacking a cop a few years back. Ron knew it wasn't going to be a pleasant experience with this driver.

While checking the man for weapons, he found a small pistol that wasn't licensed. He would have to be carrying a unlicensed weapon. Ron put the cuffs on him and got ready to where he would be charged. When trying to get the guy in the back of the patrol car the man took off running. My uncle had to tackle him like a football player! Since the perpetrator had hand cuffs on he was easy to catch and didn't put up much of a fight. Ron got him in the car and successfully got him to the station.

It turns out that this guy had a for his arrest. Since getting out of prison he had committed a few crimes and the police were looking for him in a neighboring county. Being that the man tried to escape Ron decided to at him. He charged him with everything he could under the law. Apparently that's what you get if you don't cooperate with a police officer.

I'm glad people like Ron do that kind of a job and risk their lives for our safety. I don't think I could do it!

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