Police Matching

Answer Bank
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  • A. to get busted
  • B. to have a record
  • C. to take downtown
  • D. to post bail
  • E. to book for a crime
  • F. to crack down on
  • G. to be crawling with cops
  • H. to throw the book at
  • I. an ex con
  • J. to rat on

  1. To bring a criminal to the police station:
  2. To tell the police what another criminal did is to:
  3. When a place has a lot of police around:
  4. To officially charge with a crime:
  5. To have been arrested before:
  6. To charge with every possible allowed by law for a specific crime:
  7. A person who has been arrested before:
  8. To get caught doing a crime:
  9. When the police concentrate on one specific crime:
  10. To pay the money to get out of jail temporarily: .

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