Public School Fill in the Blanks

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  • recess
  • report card
  • teacher's aide
  • cut class
  • gifted and talented
  • referrals
  • periods
  • progress reports
  • field trips
  • pep rally

My name is Harold Smith and I am a 7th grade History teacher. I teach the students who are high achievers. The classes I teach are in the program. I was required to receive special training to instruct these high performing kids.

Many people think that since my students do so well in school that they don’t misbehave.  They couldn’t be more wrong!  I have to give out as many as the regular education teachers.  Granted my students do have better grades, they are just as likely to . When I take attendance there can be up to three students who are not present.  Usually, one of these students does not have a legitimate excuse for not being there.  I deal with it the same way that the rest of the teachers do.

Normally, I teach seven a day.  There are nine total in the school day, so I have two to eat lunch and make my lesson plans.  Since I teach kids who excel in academics, I don’t have a . It would be nice to have one, but I understand that they are needed for teachers who have struggling students.  The parents of my students are very involved with their children’s education.  I usually receive a lot of calls after the go home in the middle of the semester.  If their child is not getting an A they want to know why and how to fix it before the comes out.

Being a Gifted and Talented teacher I get to go on more than most teachers. We go to places like museums and the zoo.  That is a good perk, but I have to do some things that the regular education teachers don’t.   During when the kids are out playing, most of the other teachers are free to do what they want. I have to stay in my classroom to tutor students.  I also have to participate in the . During this event the coaches give a speech about their teams and how they are doing.  I talk about the Gifted and Talented program and what is going on with us.

Overall I am happy with my job. Maybe someday I will go back to teaching regular education, but for now I think I will stay where I am.

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