Public School Vocabulary Listening Exercise

Listen to the audio passage and answer the questions below. Tab between answers. The definitions of the words used in the audio are found at: Expressions and Vocabulary for Public School Other practice worksheets are found at the bottom of the page.

  1. Don't use capitalization (no caps [e.g. ABC]).
  2. Don't use punctuation (e.g. . , : ; ).

  1. The narrator didn't used to like taking home his _____.
  2. What did he think about instead of school?
  3. The narrator wanted to be a star player so his name would be mentioned on the __________.
  4. What did he do in class instead of paying attention to the teacher?
  5. As a result of this behavior the narrator would get ___________.
  6. The thought of _____________ made the narrator take his studies more seriously.
  7. What kinds of classes did he take in high school that prove he changed his attitude about school?
  8. What does the narrator expect from his kids?
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