Matching Public School Vocabulary

Answer Bank
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  • A. AP classes
  • B. elective
  • C. special education
  • D. get a referral
  • E. pep rally
  • F. a recite the pledge
  • G. cutting class
  • H. take home folder
  • I. try out
  • J. get left back

  1. When a student doesn't go to class, and he doesn't have a legitimate excuse, it is called :
  2. This is a non academic class chosen by the student:
  3. Before the morning announcements students will stand to:
  4. This is what the students take home to show their parents. It can include assignments, grades or a note:
  5. These are classes taken in high school for college credit:
  6. To attempt to join a school team by performing in front of the coach is called:
  7. This is an event in which all of the students in the gym to cheer on:
  8. If a student does not pass any of his classes during a particular year he may:
  9. If a student misbehaves he will:
  10. This is a program to help struggling students with learning: .

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