Raising a Child Matching

Answer Bank
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  • A. toddler
  • B. to potty train
  • C. to child proof your house
  • D. terrible twos
  • E. time out
  • F. to tuck in
  • G. temper tantrum
  • H. to spoil
  • I. to ground a child
  • J. stay at home mom

  1. To teach a small child how to use the toilet is to:
  2. When a child gets really angry and screams it is called a:
  3. A punishment for a small child where he or she has to sit alone:
  4. To give a child whatever he wants:
  5. A mother who stays home with the children all day:
  6. To help a child get in his bed at night:
  7. To make your house safe for a small child:
  8. An age when a lot of young children have bad behavior:
  9. A small child between the ages of one and three:
  10. To punish an older child by not letting him leave the house for a certain amount of time: .

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