Script for English Conversation Activity on Raising Children

Sam: So Jacob, I heard you and your wife just had a baby. Congratulations! You have a few months, but you will need to baby proof the house soon.

Jacob: Thanks Sam. I’ll take any advice from you. I know you have raised three kids and you probably know what you are talking about.

Sam: You are right about that. I have seen it all. I think I’ve done a good job with my three sons. They all seem to take after me. They are responsible and neat.

Jacob: That’s good, I guess. Sounds like you were a good role model. Kids need that. There’s nothing worse than a spoiled brat. I bet they weren’t always as good as you claim they are now. What was the hardest age in terms of raising the kids?

Sam: Um… I’d say it was difficult when they were toddlers. Have you heard of the terrible twos? Kids, for reasons that are beyond me, tend to lose their minds at age two. Get ready for plenty of temper tantrums.

Jacob: I’ve heard that term before. I hope it doesn't happen with my child. Hopefully I’ll be strict and consistent with my child and she won’t be so bad at two years old.

Sam: No parent can avoid it. It is going to happen to you. The good thing is that they grow out of it. By the time they are three they can start doing more stuff on their own and they don’t get so frustrated. At three years old you can start potty training them. It is nice to be done with diapers.

Jacob: Yeah, I’ve heard that at three years old you can actually talk with your child and they understand. You can start putting them in time out when they misbehave.

Sam: Very true. Time out works great for little kids. My children are now teenagers, so that isn’t an option. If my kids are really bad I have to ground them. Last week my oldest came home two hours after his curfew. He is grounded for two weeks. He can’t go out and hang out with his friends at all during that period.

Jacob: Well, I won’t be dealing with those kinds of problems for a while. Thanks for the advice. I need to get back to work.

Sam: Ok Jacob. Good luck and try to get some sleep at night.

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