Restaurant Vocabulary Fill in the Blanks

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  • bill
  • give me
  • sauteed
  • main course
  • chain restaurants
  • service
  • on the side
  • meal
  • on the house
  • tip

Yesterday I decided to go out to dinner with brother. My brother is always in a bad mood and before we went he said, “We are not going to Taco Bell or Friday’s! I hate ! Every town has these restaurants and they bore me! They all look the same.” So we went to a small Italian restaurant down the street from my house owned by a nice older couple. They had no idea what they were in for!

Since it was a small restaurant, there was not a hostess.  The owner’s wife greeted us and told us to sit wherever we wanted.  This nice woman, like I said, was old so she moved slowly.  It took her about five minutes to get our drinks.  My brother yelled out, “The here is horrible! It is taking too long to get our drinks!”  We decided we didn’t want appetizers so we ordered the right away.  My brother ordered pasta, but he wanted the sauce . He doesn’t like the sauce on top of the pasta.  I ordered chicken and vegetables with no special requests.  I love food cooked in wine sauce.  Ten minutes later our food came to our table.  The old woman, with her shaking arms, spilled a tiny piece of sauce on my brother’s shoe as she was placing his in front of him.  This was the beginning of her bad night.

My brother yelled out, “ a napkin right now! You are a bad waitress and I think this meal should be . I don’t want to pay for it.”  I told the nice old woman not to listen to him and that everything was fine.  I informed my brother that he was rude and that it would be better for him to stop talking.

We finished and the old woman brought us the . I paid and left a big . This poor old lady needed some extra money after putting up with my brother!

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