Restaurant Vocabulary Fill in the Blanks

Answer Bank
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  • grilled
  • dish
  • today's specials are
  • bring me
  • gratuity
  • the works
  • rare
  • appetizer
  • check
  • service

  1. The waiter said, " "to inform us what we could order for dinner that wasn’t on the menu.
  2. I only had enough money for the food and drinks so I couldn’t leave any .
  3. Which one is the . that has fried rice and pork?
  4. Before our entrees the waiter brought us an of fried calamari.
  5. The waiter hasn’t filled my water glass and he hasn’t asked how the meal is. What bad !
  6. If you want your steak to come out red order it .
  7. Please some ketchup and salt when you get a chance .
  8. Tell the waiter to bring the . We need to go.
  9. If your chicken is it may have lines on it.
  10. I want everything on my sandwich. Give me the !

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