Matching for Restaurant Vocabulary

Answer Bank
Press "Tab" between answers
  • A. well done
  • B. tip
  • C. entrĂ©e
  • D. lunch specials
  • E. table for two?
  • F. chain restaurant
  • G. sauteed
  • H. give me a hamburger
  • I. side items
  • J. on the house

  1. What a hostess may ask you when you enter a restaurant with another person:
  2. Informal non polite way of asking for a hamburger:
  3. Cooked in butter and wine sauce:
  4. French Fries and vegetables are examples of:
  5. A way to say something is free or paid for by the restaurant:
  6. What you give to your waiter in addition to what you pay for the food and drinks:
  7. Usually these dishes are cheaper than normal:
  8. The main course is an ___________:
  9. Cooked for a long time so meat is no longer red:
  10. McDonald's and Olive Garden are examples of this: .

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