Script for Birthday Conversation Activity

Mother: Honey, it is Sara’s 7th birthday next month and I want to throw her a party.

Father: OK. That is fine with me. Should we do another joint birthday party with her cousin like we did last year?

Mother: No. Our little birthday girl needs her very own party. I want to do it here and invite all of her friends. Let’s decorate the whole downstairs with party streamers and give her friends goodie bags. This is the kind of party she has always wanted. I don’t know why we always take her to the bowling alley with her stupid cousin for her birthday. This year it is all about her.

Father: OK. So a big bash here. That sounds like fun. I don’t think we need to go too overboard though. It is not like it is her Sweet 16 or anything. We still have a few years before that mess.

Mother: I’m going to go all out. You don’t have to help. Do you think her cousin will crash the party if he finds out about it? The kid is obnoxious!

Father:Yes. That kid will come if he is invited or not. Let’s send out invitations by mail. That way people can RSVP and we will have an idea how many people are going to show up.

Mother: That is a good idea. That way we will know how many party favors to get.

Father: Should I get Sara another gag gift like I did last year? She seemed a little scared when she opened the present and pulled out the plastic mouse.

Mother: No. We are not doing that this year. Maybe just get her a gift card to the ice cream place she likes to go to with her friends.

Father: OK honey. I can go to the supermarket and get the cake and candles. She loves blowing out the candles on her birthday.

Mother:She sure does. Get some nice pink ones. Make sure the cake is chocolate swirl. That is her favorite.

Father: Will do!