Script for Airport Conversation Activity

John: Hey Robert. Can you drive me to the airport? I'm heading off to Denver for business tomorrow morning.

Robert: Sure buddy. I can do that. What time is your flight?

John: Well, the plane takes off at 8:00 AM, but I think we start to board at 7:30 AM. I'd like to get to the airport by 7:00. I'm just going to take one small bag on the trip which I will take with me on the plane as a carry on.

Robert: That's a good idea. I hear that airlines are now charging to check in a bag. With airfare being expensive as it is, it is smart to just take your bag as a carry on.

John: Yes. You are right about that my friend. I'm not going to get into Denver until 11:00 AM their time. My flight has a layover in Dallas. I hope it is a calm flight. I get motion sickness easily. Any turbulence and I get sick as a dog.

Robert: Yeah, tell me about it. Remember our last trip to Mexico when you got sick on the plane? You had to use your barf bag and mine. I'm glad I'm not going with you on this trip!

John: Well, hopefully they will have some good in-flight entertainment and I will be too distracted to get sick. Maybe they will show a movie or something. We'll see.

Robert: OK dude. I'll pick you up tomorrow morning at 6:00 AM. Make sure to be outside your house. I don't want to wake up your wife again. I think she is still mad at me from the last time I woke her up last weekend.

John: No problem. I'll be there bright and early waiting for your car. Thanks!

Robert: OK. See you tomorrow.