Script for English Listening Activity for Future Tense

My name is Ron. This year I am going to really focus. It is time to start getting serious about my future career. My lifelong goal is to become a professional singer. My parents say I should go to college and study something useful, but I know I am destined to be a famous singer.

When I make it big I plan on having at least three homes all over the country. I’ll need a ski place in Colorado and a mansion in Los Angles to be near my producers. My third house will be on the beach somewhere in Florida. I’m sure to have many adoring fans, so I’ll need security to protect my properties. A big star can never be too careful. I bet Kanye West has a whole team of people protecting him. Music fans get very excited and can be very unpredictable.

In the next couple of years I plan on taking singing lessons from some of the area’s best coaches. As of now my voice is not so good. Some describe it like the moaning of a dying dog. I’m not worried though. With a little practice stars like Enrique Iglesias and Shakira will know who I am and probably want to collaborate with me.

My goal is to make all of this happen in five years. My parents will be so proud of me.