Script for Conversation Activity on Supermarket Vocabulary

Father: Son, I need you to go to the supermarket to pick up some groceries for me.

Son: Ok dad. I’m going to pick up some cold cuts while I’m there. We never have any lunch food. What do you need?

Father: Well, your grandmother is coming to visit us tomorrow. We are going to need some cleaning supplies to clean this place up. As for food, your grandmother is really picky about what she will eat. In the produce section I need you to get a watermelon and some carrots.

Son: Ok dad. In the bakery section I will get her a peach pie. I know she always wants that for dessert.

Father: Yes, good thinking. In the dairy section get some low fat milk, butter and some cream for grandma’s coffee. Pick up some eggs and yogurt too.

Son: That’s fine. How am I paying for all of this?

Father: I’ll give you my credit card. I have a bunch of coupons so when you go to check out don’t forget to use them. You always forget to use them.

Son: You are right. I always help the cashier bag the groceries and I forget about the coupons.

Father: Oh, one more thing. I need some garlic salt for the chicken I’ll be making tomorrow night. Go to the condiment aisle next to the deli and you will find it.

Son: OK dad. If you forgot anything just text me on my phone. I’ll have it on.

Father: Great! You are the best son ever.

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