Matching Exercise for Medicine Vocabulary

Answer Bank
Press "Tab" between answers
  • A. to fill a prescription
  • B. sedative
  • C. over-the-counter
  • D. antidepressant
  • E. overdose
  • F. to make you drowsy
  • G. a dose
  • H. side effects
  • I. generic
  • J. prescription

  1. To take too much of a certain medicine:
  2. A written order from the doctor:
  3. Medicine that can be purchased without a prescription is called:
  4. Unwanted results of taking a drug:
  5. The act of ordering your medication from the pharmacy:
  6. To cause tiredness:
  7. The amount of a medicine that you take is called a:
  8. A drug that calms you down:
  9. A drug that improves your mood:
  10. A cheaper version of a certain drug is called a _________ drug: .

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