Medicine Vocabulary Fill in the Blanks

Fill in the blanks with the correct English word.

Answer Bank
Press "tab" between answers.
  • filled
  • dose
  • overdose
  • prescription
  • over-the-counter
  • side effects
  • antidepressant
  • prescribe
  • drowsy
  • sedative

Transportation Terms

  1. If a medicine is "" you can buy it without a prescription.
  2. The amount of medicine you should take is a .
  3. A makes you relaxed.
  4. The are the undesirable results of taking a certain drug.
  5. You need a from the doctor for medicine that is not considered "over-the-counter".
  6. An is when you take too much of a certain drug.
  7. A doctor will medicine if needed.
  8. If a medicine makes you tired it will say "may make you " on the bottle.
  9. If a patient is feeling sad or anxious a doctor could prescribe an .
  10. Once the doctor prescribes a medicine the patient needs to go to the drug store to get it .
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