Reading Exercise for Medicine Vocabulary

Answer Bank
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  • drowsy
  • over the counter
  • sedative
  • filled
  • side effects
  • prescribed
  • dosage
  • active ingredients
Read the following story and fill in the blanks with the correct word from the list:

Last week I was feeling horrible so I went to the doctor. It is that time of year again when everyone gets sick.

The doctor checked me out and decided I had a virus. He me some antibiotics for my sickness. Since doctors are the only people who can determine if a person needs antibiotics I was not able to purchase them . That would have been easier and cheaper. I had to drive to the pharmacy to get my prescription .

Once I got to the drug store the pharmacist had to talk to me about the medicine. It was the first time I had taken it. He listed the and asked me if I had any allergies that he needed to know about. He also warned me about some of the common . The medication I was prescribed had a in it that makes patients . I don't like feeling tired, but I needed to get better.

As I was about to leave the pharmacist had one more thing to tell me. He explained that two pills every six hours was the correct to take. I thanked him and took off. I was dying to go home and just lay down. I get getting sick.

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