Television Vocabulary Fill in the Blanks

Write in the correct word press "Tab" between answers.

Answer Bank
  • infomercials
  • family friendly
  • premium stations
  • prime time
  • flat screen TV
  • rerun
  • news anchor
  • newscast
  • clicker
  • sitcom

  1. A very thin TV is a .
  2. A is a funny show based around the lives of certain people.
  3. is when the most people are viewing the televsion on a given day!.
  4. Hand me the . I need to change the channel on the TV.
  5. You have to pay for They aren't free.
  6. All of the major television networks have a for viewers to watch to find out what is happening in the world.
  7. I only let my kids watch shows on TV. The other shows have too much sex and violence.
  8. The on this network is very smart. He always keeps us informed and doesn't give us useless news.
  9. I don't watch TV late at night. All they play are . I never want to buy any of their stuff!
  10. Don't watch that show tonight. It is not a new episode. It is a . They showed it last year.

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