Television Vocabulary Matching

Answer Bank
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  • A.clicker
  • B. sitcom
  • C. rerun
  • D. newscast
  • E. pause for a commercial break
  • F. prime time
  • G. premium stations
  • H. flat screen TV
  • I. news anchor
  • J. public service announcement

  1. This is the show that gives you information on what is happening in the world:
  2. This is the most watched time for a television station:
  3. This is when a program is shown that has already been shown on a previous date:
  4. A television screen that is really thin:
  5. One will use this to change the channels on the TV:
  6. You have to pay extra money to get these channels:
  7. This person gives the news for a television station:
  8. These are commercials that have a message to help the viewers:
  9. A television host will say this when it is time for a commercial:
  10. A type of show about a family and every day life: .

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