Script for Training Vocabulary Conversation

Boss: Hey Sam, could you come into my office for a minute. I need to talk to you about something.

Employee:Sure. I hope I’m not in trouble. I know that you like to keep your eyes on all of us here in the office.

Boss: No, you are not in trouble. You are one of my best employees. Two years ago I hired you and you did great. There wasn’t any time to walk you through how things work here and you did fine. You were thrown to the wolves for sure, and you had no problems.

Employee: Well, I will always be appreciative of how you took me under your wing my first year here and showed me the ropes. Any success I’ve had at this job is because of you.

Boss: You have done well and this is why I asked you to come into my office today. I am hiring a new sales guy next week and I want you to train him. We need to get him started right away so you’ll need to set up a crash course on how things work here.

Employee: I can do that. I will watch over him and help him get the lay of the land.

Boss: Yes. I want you to kind of show him the ropes and to be his informal mentor. I have a feeling that he is going to do really well working with us and I want you to help him get started.

Employee: It would be my pleasure. Will I receive any extra pay for this assignment?

Boss: That is not our standard operating procedure, but I think we can work in some kind of end of the year bonus for you.

Employee: Great! I am excited to get started. I am going to mold him into the best salesman this company has ever seen.

Boss: That’s the attitude! I want you to keep me updated on his progress and tell me right away if there are any problems.

Employee: You got it. I won’t disappoint you.

Boss:Sounds good. Good luck!

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