ESL Weather Vocabulary

English Words for Weather Conditions

A blustery day

A day that has strong violent winds.

“You shouldn’t attempt to sail your boat on a blustery day like this.”

Gale force winds

Winds that are very strong.

“Today we are likely to see gale force winds and heavy rain.”


This is an extremely hot day.

“Yesterday was a scorcher. It hit 103 degrees by 1:00 PM.”

Heat index

This is a measurement of discomfort caused by a combination of heat and humidity.

“When the heat index is high it can be dangerous to be outside.”

Record highs/lows

When the temperature hits an all time high or low for a specific day or period of the year.

“This summer it was hot! We had record highs.”

Partly Cloudy or Partly Sunny

When the sky has a few clouds.

“It is going to be partly cloudy tomorrow.”

To dip into (a certain temperature)

A term used to describe the temperature going down below what it was.

It was cold last night. The temperatures dipped down below freezing.

Unseasonably hot or cold

A term used to describe when the temperatures are higher or lower than normal for a certain time of the year.

“It has been unseasonably warm this winter. I don’t think we’ve had any days below 50 degrees.”

Cold front or warm front

A mass of air that moves into an area that is colder or warmer than the current conditions.

“We are going to have a cold front come in tomorrow. The lows are going to be in the 40’s.”

National Weather Service

A federal agency that is responsible for weather forecasts.

“We need to see what the National weather service is saying about this latest storm coming our way.”

Weather forecast

A prediction on how the weather will be. This can be seen by different television networks during their news hour.

“The weather forecast for tomorrow says it will rain all day.”

Severe weather

Any type of weather that may put people at risk. Examples would be snow storms, hurricanes and tornados.

“Be careful out there today. They are predicting severe weather.”

Light freeze

A weather condition when the air drops below freezing for only a short period of time.

“Last night we had our first light freeze of the winter.”

Heat wave

A continuous time of abnormally hot weather

“Last week three people died in our town due to the unexpected heat wave.”

Fair weather

Moderate temperatures that are good for going outside.

“The weatherman said it will be fair tomorrow.”

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