Expressions for Feelings and Emotions

To be stuffed

To have eaten a lot of food.

“I can’t eat anymore. I’m stuffed!

To be on top of the world

To feel great about your current situation

“John recently got his dream job and he just got married to the girl he loves. He is on top of the world.”

To be game for

To be willing to do something that another person suggests.

“I’m game for going out tonight. Let’s do it!”

To let your hair down

To let go of stress and relax.

“After working seven days in a row I am ready to let my hair down

To be pumped up

To be very excited.

“Sam is pumped up to play in the game. I have never seen him so excited.”

To cop out

To not do something that you were supposed to do

bq. “She was going to pick Diana up at seven, but she copped out.”
To sink in

The feeling you get when you finally understand an idea you have been pondering.

“It is finally sinking in. I receive what it is I’m thinking about every day.”

To come down with

To say that you have “come down” with something means that you are suffering from it. People come down with colds or other sicknesses.

“I was going to attend the wedding, but I came down with the flu. My doctor told me to stay in bed.”

To be under the weather

If you say that you are “under the weather” it means that you are not feeling well. You are sick.

“Sheila didn’t make it to work yesterday. She was feeling under the weather. I guess she had a cold or something.”

To be as sick as a dog

To be very sick. To not feel well at all.

“Yesterday I was as sick as a dog. I couldn’t even get out of bed to tie my shoes.”

To blow your top

If a person “blows his top” it means that he got really angry.

“When that lady backed into my brand new BMW I blew my top. I only had the car for a day and it already had a dent!”

To freak out

To lose your temper or your cool. To appear and act very agitated.

“When my mom sees what a mess I made in the house she is going to freak out.”

To come down hard on

To be very intense in the punishment that you give someone for something they did wrong.

“The teacher comes down hard on any students that cheat on tests. She usually throws the test away.

Exercises to Practice These English Expressions: