English Expressions for Personalities or People

a wack job

A person who acts crazy and does strange things.

“My math teacher is a wack job. He wears strange clothes and says weird things.”

“To be a wiz”

To be really good at something that you do.

“My brother is a wiz with computers. He really understands how they work.”

“A type A personality”

A person who is very competitive and pushes himself hard.

“My brother is a type A personality. He works really hard and has to be the best at everything.”

To have tunnel vision

To concentrate so much on one subject or problem that you don’t see or notice anything else.

“My friend has tunnel vision. All he wants right now is to make a lot of money. He is not enjoying the other aspects of life.”

To have a one track mind

To be focused on one particular thing always.

John really has a one track mind. All he thinks about is golf

Freak of nature

Someone who does an act so intensely that it doesn’t seem possible

My boss is a freak of nature. He works 13 hours a day and comes in every morning ready to work hard. Where does he get the energy

To be a strange bird

A person who acts out of the ordinary can be described as a strange bird.

My English professor is a strange bird. He wears exotic clothing and sings to himself.

To blow your top
If a person “blows his top” it means that he got really angry.

“When that lady backed into my brand new BMW I blew my top. I only had the car for a day and it already had a dent!”

To freak out

To lose your temper or your cool. To appear and act very agitated.

“When my mom sees what a mess I made in the house she is going to freak out.”

To come down hard on

To be very intense in the punishment that you give someone for something they did wrong.

“The teacher comes down hard on any students that cheat on tests. She usually throws the test away.

Eye candy

A person who is really good looking can be called eye candy.

“John’s sister is real eye candy. She is super hot and shows off her good looks.”

A looker

This is a person who is really good looking.

“That new delivery guy is a real looker. All of the women in the office can’t keep their eyes off him!”

To be on a tight leash

To be closely watched by a spouse or an employer or anyone who has control over you.

“Tiger Woods is on a tight leash with his wife since his affairs came out in public. She has taken him back, but she is watching closely.”

A hot head

This describes a person who loses his temper easily.

“My boss is a real hot head. He always yells at me for everything and I’m scared to talk to him.”


A person who is willing to take huge risks to obtain glory.

bq. “My friend Craig is a real gunslinger. He will take crazy chances just to get the sale he is looking for.
A go-getter

A person who works hard and strives hard to get what he wants.

“Neil is a go-getter. He got a great new job by taking the boss out out dinner and showing him his résumé.”

Hell raiser
A person who stirs up a lot of trouble for the fun of it. Someone who like to get people upset.

“My nephew is a real hell raiser. He runs around hitting other kids just to get them to cry.”

Nut job

A person who is mentally unstable, or just crazy in general, can be described as a “nut job”.

“My science teacher is nut job. She talks to herself and walks around the room with a crazy look in her eye.”

A pinhead

If you call a person a “pinhead” it means that this person is very dumb.

“My cousin Larry is a pinhead. He says the stupidest things.”

To Be Crunchy

A person is considered “crunchy” if he likes the outdoors, hiking, camping and environmental issues.

“Sara could be considered crunchy. She rides her bike everywhere so she won’t hurt the environment.”

A show off

A person who wants everyone to see how good he or she is at a certain activity.

“My brother is a show off when it comes to the guitar. Every chance he gets he pulls out his instrument to play.”

Joined at the hip

A phrase to describe two people who are always together in any situation.

“My brother and his girlfriend are joined at the hip. They work at the same place and go to the same school. If you see one, you are going to see the other.”

A basket case

A person who is extremely stressed and nervous. it can be caused by a specific situation.

“I was a basket case when my dog died. I loved him so much and it was hard to see him go.

To be a trooper

To act in a way that is selfless. To put up with a uncomfortable situation for the benefit of another.

“My brother was a trooper yesterday. He watched all four of my kids while I played golf for eight hours.”