Body Parts Worksheet III

Select the body part that doesn't belong in the group. Press "Tab" between answers.

English as a Second Language Body Parts Vocabulary

  1. a) hand

    b) finger

    c) fingernail

    d) leg

  2. a) eye

    b) knee

    c) ear

    d) nose

  3. a) ankle

    b) foot

    c) forehead

    d) toes

  4. a) shin

    b) lips

    c) tongue

    d) teeth

  5. a) cheeks

    b) chin

    c) elbow

    d) lips

  6. a) arm

    b) elbow

    c) wrist

    d) heel

  7. a) waist

    b) hair

    c) head

    d) forehead

  8. a) stomach

    b) waist

    c) toe

  9. a) elbow

    b) heart

    c) arm

    d) wrist

  10. a) leg

    b) knee

    c) shin

    d) eyelash

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