Car Parts Worksheet I

Fill in the blanks with the correct English vocabulary word.

Answer Bank
Press "tab" between answers.
  • hood
  • speedometer
  • trunck
  • windshield wipers
  • windshield
  • license plate
  • headlights
  • brakes
  • shy
  • tires

ELL Vocabulary for Car Parts

  1. The stop the car.
  2. The tells me how fast I am going.
  3. The are used when it rains.
  4. The car engine is under the .
  5. There are four on a vehicle.
  6. A has numbers and letters.
  7. A person looks out the .
  8. The help me see at night.
  9. People put bags in the .
  10. The is used to turn in one direction.
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